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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  June 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ >> live from pier three in san francisco, welcome to "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang. vr ceo speaks exclusively to "bloomberg west" outside of the videogame conference nla -- in l.a. the facebook deal went from handshake to signed agreement in less than a week. the target of massive protests in europe today. that ubers are upset
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drivers are not subject to the same rules and regulations they are. and is allowing london's black cabs we ability to use the uber apps. his newmusk shows off dragon castle to lawmakers in washington. musk lobbied lawmakers to put in a good word about space x over at the pentagon spirit -- pentagon. to our lead story of the day, virtual reality may be the next big thing in the videogame world, with companies ranging from facebook to sony believing in the potential of this technology. this week at the annual video gaming expo in l.a., sony showed off a virtual reality headset that it calls project morpheus, and facebook shocked many early this year when it announced the $2 billion deal to buy oculus vr, whose headsets of not even
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hit the market yet. oculus has had a big presence at e3. jon erlichman is standing by with oculus ceo and cofounder for an exclusive interview. jon? thanks a lot. the oculus story is an incredible one. the a couple of years ago, ceo was trying to figure out, should i join this company. thanks for joining us. when you think back over the last couple of years, it was here at e3 that people got a taste of what oculus might be. >> it has been an incredible ride. the community is a big part of this as well. everybody got behind it. launching on kick starter crowd funding is something you could not do in the past. it is something we were able to convey ditch -- able to take
6:03 pm of technology within 24, 40 eight hours, $1 million of pledging came in. was off to the races, and has been an awesome ride since. >> some people still fascinated by facebook's interest in oculus. messagesn swapping with mark zuckerberg and got him to come to headquarters. he tried of the technology and said what? >> i want to help. when mark wants to help -- he's a powerful guy, and a smart guy, and he shared the vision we have. we all got together, and mark zuckerberg just shared the same vision. that is something we started how do weation on, get into as many living rooms and homes and hands and eyes as
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possible. >> you were saying to me you got to facebook headquarters for the first time since the deal was announced recently? >> it was a pretty wild way to do a deal. it was the best experience i've had. this is my third company. they did the deal on a handshake to the signing of the agreement within a week, and really within four days or so. we did not sleep much. backs interesting going and having the memories of the all nighter is to get this deal done. it showed passion. it was incredibly fun to get that done. >> we are at a big gaming event. you have a gaming background. surely oculus has strong ties to the future of gaming. in your positioning of what oculus could be, especially as part of facebook, you talked about communication and the evolution of things like face time and skype. how are you balancing the time and energy and focus of the oculus team, which you told me is growing quickly?
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on gaming, 50%ed focused on everything else? we are really game developers at heart. the team is largely based on game developers. we have the guys who brought us quake one. we have a lot of the biggest names in the industry. his legendary engineers and pop talents of come together. we are really focused on the game market. a lot of people say, it will go to communications and these other areas, and now oculus is part of facebook and they will not be focusing on gaming as much. that's not true. we are focusing on gaming. the foundation is built on a game engine, a 3-d theme you have to render in real time at an incredibly high frame rate, which is what developers do best. >> sony has its own technology,
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project morpheus, it is focusing on at e3. have you tried the technology? >> not yet. i'm hoping to at the show. there is positive feedback. we are happy to see other companies getting into vr. it validates that the whole industry will be very big, very fast. >> but there will be a competitor of yours? >> we don't look at them as a competitor. we have a closer relationship to sony than to just about any other company, with them being in the vr space as well. they are a company that is very focused on their console. we are very focused on vr. the unique side of oculus is that we are now well over 100 people. some of the smartest and best engineers in the industry have joined with a single focus, vr core tech, vr platform.
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, the founder of naughty dog, broadus those great console games in the early days. -- brought us those great console games in the early days. >> right now we think of that headset experience. give us a timeframe of being and to pull out sunglasses experiencing this technology. what is the pricing of this? is it something facebook might give away to users because they want them to be enjoying the experience? what will happen over the next couple of years? >> we don't know. we got into it with a duct tape, hot glue gun prototype. in less than two years, we are getting really close to that consumer experience. internally at oculus, we do have the consumer prototype. have a consumer prototype that
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is significantly less weight. you barely feel this on your head. it has a lot of core technology in it where you can do six degree freedom tracking. the prototype -- i think we have had hundreds of people in, and a handful of people have complained about this orientation. the elephant in the room of what about motion sickness is behind us. are focusing on what will be the magical content in vr that brings us life and attracts millions. said, future, like you hundreds of millions of people with sunglasses. that is something we got together with the vision. really looking at how to get to one billion people in vr. huge focus on gaming. it will bring this next-generation, final generation of face-to-face communication. you will be able to sit there and have this conversation with each other.
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that face-to-face communication will be a kind of longer horizon driver. >> exciting times. thanks a lot. brendan iribe of oculus. the latest from e3. >> jon, we will see later in the show. you have a lot of great interviews coming up. taxi drivers in europe hit the brakes in protest over uber. we are headed to the scene of one of the biggest protests in london. ♪
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>> welcome back. i'm emily chang.
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aotests over uber have caused traffic standstill in europe. more than 30,000 taxi and limo drivers have taken their caps off the streets in protest of the right hailing app -- ride h ailing app. square, a major rally took place. olivia, what is the latest on the ground? ago, until about an hour the area was a two-mile radius from here to trafalgar square. the center of london was essentially traffic come to a standstill. complete gridlock, several thousand taxi drivers came out of their cars and turn off the engines. there were several hundred policeman trying to keep the order. smoothly. go quite there were no reports of arrests that i heard of. taxi drivers are angry here. they say uber is operating illegally. they say the app functions as a [indiscernible] itself. said, as of this morning
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you can order a black cab through huber. that caused a lot of commotion as well. i spoke to the chairman of the london cap club, and his response was that uber can stick it. he thinks are ever's will move on to wilbur. he thinks if they did, they would be [indiscernible] he said, are you losing business to uber? he said, no. he said, it is a very heavily regulated industry, and they're angry for the municipal authority letting one company operate without going through all the legal channels they had foro through, training years to become black cab drivers, and paying to get these licenses. here comes this upstart, making just as much money without doing. is saying that app sign up shot up 850% --uber is saying that app sign-up shot up eight hundred 50%. if this backfiring on cap divers
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-- cab drivers? >> the winner in all of this is going to be uber. up 850% today versus last wednesday. an enormous spike in traffic. , theyed to people today were booed and it was pretty uncomfortable. sense that londoners resent the black taxi drivers for bringing the city to its knees. it is a similar scene in paris, where the two airports were almost blocked off for several hours. madrid, the lawn, berlin -- everywhere the drivers' issue is different. frustrationion of that this disruptive startup technology is shaping up -- shaking up this regulated industry. they are saying their livelihoods are threatened. >> we will check in on paris right now. olivia sterns in london. 's reaction, i'm joined by the regional general
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manager for uber, who oversees uber's operations in paris and other parts of europe. rre, what are the demonstrations like there? in the past they have cracked windshields, traffic chaos -- what is going on there? is pretty're seeing simple across europe. taxis are trying to bring cities at a standstill, while uber is working around-the-clock to continue to bring safer, more reliable ways for people to move around. >> overnight you guys launched uber taxi in london. what is the state of uber taxi and the rest of europe? don't offer at the moment our technology to taxi drivers outside london in europe. this is something we do in markets across the world. the focus should be on how the technology can make the assets
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of the city better, utilizing interests of consumers. >> consumer seemed to have made it clear that they want uber. sign-up shot up 850% overnight. >> we have of service similar trends across europe. barcelona, sign-ups were multiplied by 11. across the rest of europe, the sign-up trends were pretty much the same, multiplied by six to eight. >> you discounted trips 50% when writers split the fare -- riders split the fare with others to cut down congestion. protestsu see these and other regulatory issues you are facing impacting your expansion plans in the rest of europe? what's the plan? >> we have seen a ton of support from riders and drivers. we have continued to expand the
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products. back on that promo you mentioned, the job for us today is to make sure that after a tough day like this one we can move as many people as possible around the city. this is what we're putting in place on promo to get people to share the assets on a day like today. does have pricing power in london. black cabs are historically quite expensive. how does uber pricing play out in the rest of europe? is it that much cheaper everywhere else as well? a market. have we offer a range of offers. some of their are more expensive than techies, or a typically high-end service. on the other end of the spectrum, we offer uber pop, a ridesharing product. typically 60% below taxi pricers. >> olivia was speaking earlier about cabdrivers refusing to
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change over to uber. in san francisco, i know that many uber drivers are former taxi drivers. do you see a lot of people fleeing the taxicabs to come work for uber instead? what is that process been like? >> it's actually a great point. we do a current -- we do see across a number of markets, driver switching over. uber is bringing them an opportunity they did not have before, the opportunity to start their own business and make a living out of their own work, and have the flexibility and times when they want to work, organize their work how they want to mac. >> pierre-dimitri gore-coty, uber cost european regional manager. thank you. >> coming up, big day for the gaming industry. microsoft announces a slew of new games for its xbox console. phil spencer, next on "bloomberg west." ♪
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>> back to the e3 gaming expo in l.a. all on jon erlichman back with us now from l.a. how does the strategy seemed to be shifting out there? >> there are a lot of gamers at e3. xbox one and to focus on that group. phil spencer is a guy who outside of e3 spends a lot of time in l.a. there is an original tv series focus on the x talking.
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-- xbox game. >> i love l.a. good show for us here at e3. >> the fact that this year is really about the gamers -- give us context on how much gameplaying takes place on the xbox console. many hours per day or per week, just to try to understand why you guys are so focused on that. >> one of our focus is with xbox one was to put it at the center of all of your entertainment. we are looking now at xbox one's in the home. we will have 5, 6 hours a day that that box is used. using voice. we have had over a billion voicecommands on xbox one since launch. kind of at that point now in the release of xbox one where the real xbox enthusiasts have their hands on it. now comes the next leg of the
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broader appeal, broader group of potential buyers. what role do the gamers, the people who will be commenting on everything you are showcasing here play in helping to extend the sales of the xbox franchise? >> critical. those early adopters in any consumer categories are the people giving you feedback on things he will try to do. every year we will try to win that core gamer, not just because of the great audience -- also somebody who will give you feedback on the new things you are doing. a lot of the new things impact the broader audience over time grade winning that core gamer year after year is a core focus at xbox. -- you are already looking ahead to the next chapter of that story. you got a lot of kudos from the fact that you are taking previous versions of that franchise and making them available on one disc through xbox one. how come you guys did not do it sooner? >> you would have thought the
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beginning of the xbox one generation -- our first full holiday coming up this november, you will have the halo master chief collection -- all four of those on one disc available for $60. there was a at e3 big focus on the television initiative. there was the discussion about steven spielberg doing a halo tv show. there were some reports of possibly teaming up with showtime on that? any light you can shed? >> we are not announcing anything around that opportunity here. what we are talking about here is part of the master chief collection, we have halo nightfall, a collection -- collaboration with ridley scott. halo is one of those stories that can transcend games. we have seen great success in books and video. we will continue to look at how we can make more people fall in love with the halo universe. >> thanks a lot. phil spencer of xbox one.
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>> we will be right back with more "bloomberg west." ♪
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back you are watching bloomberg west. here is a check of your top headlines. is goods in a contract with another company, this time blocking pre-orders of certain warner bros. movies. they are still available for digital download. feudare also in a contract with books. and the u.s. shopping website that features specialty stores and project not available at
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major retailers. shopping is supposed to open soon and will be by invitation only. all this comes as alibaba prepares to go open later in the year. ofpro will seek a valuation $3 billion when it goes public. they intend to sell 17 million pitchinghey are also themselves as a media company video.stributes we head back to the videogame conference in l.a.. jon erlichman is live. what do you got next? >> we want to talk a little bit from the game developers side. electronic arts is a company we cover closely. last year we were talking about who would be the next ceo. . andrew wilsone
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has played a key role over the listen, you were announced as the ceo late last year. what has and the priority for you? what would you say you have been able to accomplish so far? >> i have grown up in this ebony. it's a great company. we have fantastic people who come to work every day. -- i have grown up in this company. it was just that maybe we weren't doing all we could. my objective number one was to re-instill a player first culture inside the organization. if you look at the games we are haveng this week, i feel i been making real progress. the feedback has and really positive.
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>> let's elaborate on that. that is the message. you say, game players, we are here for you. you let them know what the feedback is early in the process? fa >> when you think about player first, it lends you look at the world through. it's the way you make the .fficient -- decisions we made a decision to move need for speed up. we moved it out of here and got more time. reefing weour press showed games that aren't going webe out for three years. open ourselves up.
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we invite the gamers and say, tell us what you think. >> what about the marketing opportunity? world cup is something you have always been passionate about. are there any tieups? >> for sure. there was a time i grew up games. we released we have fifa in china. they have world cup content coming through. we have really tried to harness the enthusiasm at the world cup this year so players can have fun with it. >> let's shift from sports to
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star wars. disney is hard at work on the next star wars gnome. clear what you guys are doing doesn't have to mix with the same's or a line -- same storyline. the timing is relatively early next year. about with we think strategy? >> the star wars universe is an amazing universe. many of us grew up with this universe. we want to use this interactive mars -- toter immerse themselves. it is true to the star wars fiction that gives lawyers a
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chance to interact in a different way. our objective is and just to give you a movie game. it's to give you a way to step into the star wars universe. >> you feel more than ever the hollywood model of editing on the franchise. >> i want to move into the live service is. about star wars, i want to be part of the experience. we have seen people play the sims for five years.
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our goal is to deliver you an experience you play across lifeforms. -- platforms. >> we spoke with the head of oculus. virtual us around reality. >> we have the great fortune of working with some of these partners. a lot of things are coming in behind the scenes i will not announce today. believe the concept is going to be something gamers want. you put the goggles on and go to a different phase. that is what we do. we have a series of teams prototyping and saying, how do
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we deliver something that isn't and how can we deliver the inspired service? >> we will send it back to you. a picture worth a thousand words. immigration reform is potentially tied to the tech community. that is next. >> this is bloomberg west.
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eric cantor was shockingly defeated in last heights virginia primary and will stop down as house majority leader in late july. the congressman was pushing for immigration reform, a cause that
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many ceos support. take a look at this ad run by cantor's opponent. >> he represents corporations. cantor withgraph of mark zuckerberg, sheryl sandberg, and mark andreessen. was it immigration reform that route down the congressman? what does it mean? but wasrnout was low, his downfall?form >> immigration reform had a lot to do with his downfall. this issue of the and documenting illegals does not play well with middle america. this is what led to it. i don't think comprehensive immigration reform ever had a
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chance. what happened last night showed it. >> what kind of immigration reform does stand a chance? you still think there is hope for some measures. >> i have and saying we should rochus on low hanging fruit. -- we should focus on low i don't think any american would say we don't want job creating entrepreneurs coming here and focusing on -- creating new companies. the churches and most americans would open their heart and they, yes, we need to legalize these children. if we had focused we could get the majority of immigration reform through. instead we got caught up on providing a path to citizenship. that's a no go for the american public because they haven't dealt with this issue.
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we learned it the hard way. >> the tech union has been lobbying for high skilled workers to get more engineers in this country. as it stands, how much hope is there to reform on that measure this year or in the congressional term? wi-fi leave it to the president to take the leadership. if they break up immigration somem there is hope legislation will get through. it has to be done piece by piece. green cardse more to the millions of skilled workers stuck in limbo. they are not taking jobs away. a all right -- they are already here. let's give them their paperwork. let's go through the other issues one by one solving them rather than trying to solve everything at the same time and getting a complete mess, which is where we are headed. >> in
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the united dates is there really a dearth of engineers? ain't the picture of a person visiting who has these deals but can't get a job and can't stay. persont a picture of a visiting who has these deals but can't get a job and can't pay. >> there are a lot of people who are highly skilled who cannot get jobs. in silicon valley they are starved for talent. google is not doing this because they cannot get cheap labor. they don't care about labor costs. ofy are worth hundreds aliens of dollars, and all they care about is getting the best people to join them. they have moved to silicon valley. you have a tough situation. this is a part of these battles. be able to hire anyone they need. it shouldn't need that you have
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some parts of america dragging down the most innovative parts a lose losethis is battle we are in right now. >> what about ford? a $250,000 aded campaign before eric cantor's loss. how big a blow is this? >> this is a blow to anyone endorsing immigration. this is our loss as much as it --anyone else is. -- l's anyone else's. >> what can they do? >> we have to start going to the president and our progress when -- our congressmen and saying it's not all or nothing. don't hold us hostage because you are trying to get more votes. what we need to boost the economy and help the economy is
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to solve our problems. we need to divide and conquer and get the things we need. there are things we would support like the dream act. temporaryide residence. they don't care about citizenship. they want the right to be able to come and go as a please. this is what we need to come to the bottom of. they need to push for the right things. >> you think other republicans are going to move to the right now that cantor has suffered this loss? are theepublicans problem. republicans are even more sensitive than the democrats are. debate with the
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representative of the spanish lobby, so this is what the heart let'ss problem is. acknowledge the problem. let's fight the right battles. >> it is a debate we will continue to follow. thanks so much. you light musk goes to washington, trying to sway lawmakers to give lucrative military contracts. was he successful? we will hear from him next.
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>> they have just announced a $550 million fund to support invest and in the united dates.
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companies thatd include king digital and over is the -- orista. is it getting too easy? i asked if some of the valuations are justified. determinery tricky to numbers like this on a one-off basis. what all these numbers tell you big numbers. it means the market has high expectations. they will adjust upwards or downwards. there has been a big adjust meant downwards. uber is a terrific company.
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dropbox is a terrific company. could they be the next walmart? they could be. later. on that and the latest spacecraft. peter cook caught up with musk himself. this is basically a sales trip. but that's right. brought withceo him a very important point. that's the new dragon capsule. this is the one he hopes can convince nasa they should send astronauts up to the internationals waystation. he had a big event that included werers of congress. they given the chance to sit in the seats and get a feel for what it feels like to be in a spacecraft .t tells -- itself
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it was a real show. i caught up with him during the course of the event, asked him some questions about the capsule and therts to reach out level of confidence going into this. >> i think we have done everything we can to have this be a good design. we have been a supporter in the past. we wouldn't be where we are today without nasa. i did we have shown we can do a good job and hope fully -- i think we have shown we can do a good job and hope fully that make the difference. >> they have done cargo deliveries but nothing with manned spaceflight so far.
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boeing is also competing. it should get awarded in august. we could see two out of the three companies win. to push themng over the line. >> they have also ruffled some feathers by suing the air force over another contract for military satellites. any update on that site? >> he was asked about it last night. this is where he has thrown some elbows. he has ruffled the feathers of the air force. he has talent them on the hill. he did it last night. take a listen to some of the boeingabout lockheed and . >> they have tried to stamp on us. i think we have a shot of
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prevailing. we are certainly a small up and comer going again giants. >> the air force stands to be their biggest customer. he said he doesn't have any regret. he was forced into it. >> we were digging about eric cantor speaking about eric cantor earlier and all the tech lobbying in washington. do you think we are going to see more of it? >> there is no question. the issue about immigration going forward for people like elon musk are front and center. we should be seeing more of the tech immunity coming here if they are game for the fight. muchter cook, thank you so for that up to it.
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thanks for watching this edition of bloomberg west. you can get the news all the time at ♪
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>> welcome to "money clip." i am adam johnson. lloyd blankfein wants the u.s. to get it right on energy. goldman sachs is looking for answers. the brazilian president says people need to get behind the world cup. aig has a new ceo, peter hancock. president obama says he is a plan to get students out of debt but it turns out senator elizabeth warren think your plan is better. fashion designer vince camuto.


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